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Disneyland! Where dreams are made of…(Christmas Edition)

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Alright folks, it’s due time for a new update and what better way than with a post about the happiest place on earth!  We’ve been wanting to go to Disneyland with the kids for quite some time now and finally made the trek down to LA!  (Or really Anaheim) We really wanted to see Disneyland during the holidays bc we heard that the whole park gets into the holiday spirit and it did not disappoint!  The park is beautifully decorated everywhere and we had such an amazing time at Disneyland and can’t wait to go back!  We are even thinking about getting a season pass!

So you are going to Maui?!

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I finally did it… finally after saying I would write this for years.  Here is my personal guide to everything to do in Maui!   I would say literally in the last 4+ weeks or so I’ve wrote some version of this in one form or the other on peoples facebook walls and/or emails so here it is! Enjoy everyone!

We first went to Maui back in 2006!  It was for a friends wedding (Winf & Lety) and we both hadn’t been there in ages!  We really didn’t know what to expect but had lots of people recommending one particular book to us,  

Ahhh Florence, Italy….

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A city we instantly fell in love with! We got into the city around 1pm that day after taking a quick pit stop in Pisa and checked into our hotel The St. Regis Florence. Florence wasn’t actually too far from Pisa and it was a straight shot on the train over to Florence


Ahh, The St. Regis, Hands down one of the nicest hotels we have ever been to or stayed at! Just take a look through the photos on the link and you’ll see what I mean! We highly recommend this hotel.

Pisa, Italy – Lean Away!

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Off to Pisa! We originally were not planning on going over to Pisa but we were informed from our hotel that we would be passing through it anyways so you might as well take advantage of it and make a pit stop there. Definitely glad that we did it b/c it really didn’t take all that long and I’m glad that we got to see another one of the major landmarks in Italy. We took the 9:03 train out from Cinque Terre, and were at first a bit confused b/c there were a number of trains that actually go to Pisa.

Beautiful Cinque Terre, The Italian Riviera

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Hands down one of the most beautiful places in the world!  We’ve heard so much about Cinque Terre from friends and watching specials on the Italian Riviera, and we finally made it!  Definitely one of our favorite places on our trip! We decided to stay at Monterosso after speaking with some friends and glad to did it!

We got in late that night as we left Venice late in the afternoon.  The train ride was a bit over 3 hours and Grace and I got some good rest on the way there.  We watched Adjustment Bureau on the way,

Hellooo Venice!

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As sad as we were when we had to leave Lake Como, we were really excited to continue on our trip of Italy! Next stop, Venice. We heard such mixed reviews of Venice from our friends. Some absolutely loved the city and others didn’t think too highly of it. But what’s a trip to Italy without Venice? We decided to spend a night in Venice and booked our stay at Venice through Starwood. We stayed at the Westin Europa Venice, a lovely hotel very near the main attraction in Venice, St. Marks Square.