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Pisa, Italy – Lean Away!

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Off to Pisa! We originally were not planning on going over to Pisa but we were informed from our hotel that we would be passing through it anyways so you might as well take advantage of it and make a pit stop there. Definitely glad that we did it b/c it really didn’t take all that long and I’m glad that we got to see another one of the major landmarks in Italy. We took the 9:03 train out from Cinque Terre, and were at first a bit confused b/c there were a number of trains that actually go to Pisa.

Note to Friends: Make sure you take the intercity trains as opposed to the regional trains b/c they are faster and have 1st class seats if you wanted them

We got to Pisa at about 10:30AM b/c the train was delayed for a bit on the tracks but wasn’t too big of a deal. We were able to check out baggages at the train stop for just 3 Euro each and off we went! Make sure that you have your passport b/c they take a copy of your passport and stick it onto your luggage for what I’m assuming is security reasons. (Even though when we picked up our bags they didn’t even really check!) You then have pretty much two options, you could take the bus over to Pisa, or you could hope into a taxi. We chose to take the taxi to save time and it was only 7Euros. Once we got there we started to take all of your “typical” Leaning Tower of Pisa shots!








We probably ended up spending about 45 minutes there. TBH, there isn’t really too much to see unless you want to go up the tower and/or check out the monuments surrounding it. There were a ton of people there and its pretty touristy so watch out of the tourist traps and really expensive Gelato! We headed back to the train station and took the 12:10PM train out and off we were to Florence!

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