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Hellooo Venice!

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As sad as we were when we had to leave Lake Como, we were really excited to continue on our trip of Italy! Next stop, Venice. We heard such mixed reviews of Venice from our friends. Some absolutely loved the city and others didn’t think too highly of it. But what’s a trip to Italy without Venice? We decided to spend a night in Venice and booked our stay at Venice through Starwood. We stayed at the Westin Europa Venice, a lovely hotel very near the main attraction in Venice, St. Marks Square.



We arrived late into the city as the train was delayed leaving Como to Venice. It was a bit of a hassle but luckily the tickets we bought on were exchangeable so were were able to exchange our seats for the train leaving an hour later for Venice. The folks at the train stops were actually really helpful and mostly all speak english, so getting things moved around wasn’t too difficult.

Sidenote: One thing about the trains in Italy, there sure are some WEIRD people on these trains. When we got onto our train some random dude sat next to me after the train had already left so I was pretty sure that he didn’t have a ticket. When the conductor came by asking for tickets I gladly handed mine to him and then he was asking for the ticket from the guy sitting next to me and he just kept pointing forward to his group, who apparently, all jumped onto this train and I think were just trying to hitch a free ride. The conductor said “ok” and he kept walking! Luckily though he came back after he went to check the rest of the train and BOOTED the guy sitting next to me. Lesson learned, don’t try and steal seats on the trains!

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