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Australia December 2010 – Melbourne Day 2

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Day 2 of our trip in Melbourne – We woke up and wanted to explore the city so we decided to venture out again.  We had some reco’s so we went off the list and checked out a few places.

Check out the wider map of Melbourne to see all the areas we ventured to.

Royal Botanical Gardens

We began the day walking through the beautiful Royal Botanical Garden in Melbourne.  A garden similar to that in Sydney but it seemed alot bigger.  It was a beautiful day in Melbourne so we took full advantage of it, often stopping to just sit and enjoy the scenery.

Shrine of Remembrance

In the middle of the park was the Shrine of Remembrance which was dedicated to all the Australians who served in the two world wars.  It was quite a monument and very well kept.  Throughout the buildings were all sorts of memorabilia and old photographs of old soldiers during the wars.

South Yarra

Walking through the park we decided to head next to South Yarra, that my friend Ben told me about.  He said it was like a “Melrose” type of place, so it got Grace all excited about it!  It definitely was Melrose-ish, plenty of shops and tons of people just wandering around and hanging out.  I was told later that that area was some what more the “ritzy” part of town.  Alot of nice condos and boutique (but still expensive) shops.   Definitely worth checking out.

We decided to eat at this Greek Restaurant in South Yarra.  Was really good!  There was also a ton of photos with celebrities there as well so it must have been a popular place!

Peking Duck!

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